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Our Events

We are inviting students from around the globe to participate in the 3rd Annual Youth International Energy & Environment Program (YIEEP) 

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Competition 2022.

Please take a few minutes to review the competition packet, become register today! 

We are inviting students from around the globe to participate in the 3rd Annual Youth International Energy & Environment Program (YIEEP) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Competition.  

Please take a few minutes to review the competition packet, become register today!  

Howard B. Owens Science Center Science Myth Busters Family Event

Solar Photovoltaic Myth Busters expels myths and brings awareness to solar photovoltaic power and alternative career options in the field of engineering. Families and friends find out what is myth or fact in a variety of hands-on science investigations and demonstrations. 

Build Back Project

In 2012, Green School partnered with Habitat for Humanity and The Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission (Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation) and Xtreme teens for a spring break vacation.

Students took part in a volunteer service-learning program, where they built homes within the Prince George's County community. This project was designed to show the importance of helping others, being good stewards, and being environmentally conscious. In addition, they learn invaluable lessons about helping one’s neighbor, assisting others who are in need and getting involved.

Students worked for 5 days on various beautification projects on the homes of four Prince George's County residents. The students also took part in a solar assessment and media production program.



Green School took part in the 2012 STEM Expo hosted by the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering, University of Maryland. The topic of the event was about solar photovoltaic power, with activities such as demonstrations, lessons, workshops, outdoor and hands-on activities.

The goals of the STEM Expo are:

1.Expose minority K-12 students                               3.Increase the visibility of Center for 

and parents to STEM fields and careers.                    Minorities in Science and Engineering and                                                                                              A.J. Clark School of Engineering, University                                                                                            of Maryland

2.Expose students to underrepresented 

role models in the STEM fields. 

Earth Day Celebration

Green School joined the Seafarers Yacht Club and many others for the Anacostia River Clean-Up in 2012. Students and citizens from around the Washington Metropolitan area took part in the clean-up effort for the purpose of revitalizing and maintaining the Anacostia River. The clean-up day activities focused on improving environmental stewardship as well as mitigating hazardous materials from entering the watershed.

Earth Day Keynote Speaker

Event: DuVal High School Celebrating Earth Day

Keynote Speaker: Ms. Doreen Williams, Green School

Earth Day Dinner

April 5, 2013

Dear Guests:

It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you to our 1st Annual Green School Earth Day Fundraiser Dinner hosted by Du Val High School in Lanham, MD. The program is for our business partners, community leaders, citizens, students, and friends.

We will talk about advances in renewable energy, being good stewards, and how to incorporate green practices in your home, place of business, and everyday surroundings, as well as upcoming Green focus events.

Our 1st Annual Green School Earth Day Fundraiser Dinner focuses on celebrating being good stewards, environmental issues and concerns, economic growth, energy choices and resources, green workforce development and getting students involved.

We invite you to highlight your green news at Du Val High School, 9880 Good Luck Road Lanham, MD 20706.

Tickets: $5.00 (Children up to 18 years old)

$7.00 (Adults 18 and up) 

Summer Energy Camp

DW Green Institute Inc. hosted the Summer Energy Camp in 2012. Students explored various sources of renewable energy and participated in a solar oven bake-off. Forty students learned about some fundamentals of solar energy.

  • A shiny surface reflects light and how the sun’s energy makes life possible on Earth.

  • Reflected light can be concentrated on a particular object.

  • When sunlight shines on food, enough energy is changed from heat to cook food.

Each student took part in a hands-on activity of building their solar ovens and participated in a solar bake-off.

Energy/Environ Summer Camp

Energy and Environment Summer Camp is designed to introduce and teach the fundamentals of the clean renewable energy industry. Students undergo individual instruction, group instruction, and hands-on experiences and field trips.

The camp will aid each participant in critical thinking skills, trouble-shooting activities, and creative design. During camp, students will be introduced to the various forms of renewable energy:

  • Take part in hand-on activities that will assist in their comprehension of the material.

  • Participate in field trip(s) and special projects.

  • Communicate and interview representatives from within the Clean Renewable Energy Industry.

  • Discover and Explore STEM related studies and research e. Students will also take part and contribute in the production of a Green Education 101 PBS Series.

Media Release Forms must be signed for students to participate in programming.


  • Enhanced Communications Skills

  • Introducing Students to Non-Traditional Areas of Study

  • Develop Self-Esteem

  • Strengthen Learning Skills Over The Summer  

  • Prepare Students for Success

  • Elevate Goals and Aspirations

  • Reinforces Positive Summer Activity

  • Positive Motivation

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