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Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program  and Institutions of Higher Learning

DW Green Institute Inc., Green School offers energy and environment consultancy services..

Our Commitment

DW Green Institute Inc., Green School has partnered with local school systems, correctional facilities, and training institutions to orient students about the Career Research and Development (CRD) pathways and Work-Based Learning (WBL) experience. 

Also, we have partnered with and the Department of Labor to offer our high-quality apprenticeship programs recognized as such by a Standards Recognition entity (SRE) pursuant to the DOL's standards. Source: Department of Labor 

The opportunities will help students learn;

Invaluable Career Seeking Credentials

Effective Career Planning

Career Decision-Making

Goal Setting

Transition Planning

Communications / Public Relations Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Industry Level of Technology Skills

Enhance Learning Skills.

DW Green Institute Inc., Green School, and DW Communications & Media welcome students worldwide to become part of our inclusive green revolution. 

Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship is an opportunity to earn as you learn. The program model incorporates on the job learning combined practical and theory. As your skill set increases, your wages will increase. 

Listen, Learn, Participant, and Earn!

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