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White House, Capitol Hill Alumni Society

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A support base community for White House and Capitol Hill Staff. 

The mission of the WHCH Alumni Society is to be a resource for support, guidance, to aspire towards excellence, growth and enhancement of the past, current and future Capitol Hill and White House Administration staff and support. The organization strives to cultivate an environment wherein communication is open among alumni. The WHCH Alumni Society aims to build community bridges to assist in diminishing the potential gap of working in such a elevated and historically honorable establishment.

We aim to provide supportive resources and references in order to maintain an active interest and participation of the highly respected WHCH Alumni Society in providing events, programs and services to strengthen and preserve the bond that links our alumni, Capitol Hill as well as White House Administration representatives, staff, and support. We care and want you to be successful, empowered and inspired to reach your goals and potentials during your journey now and in the future. 

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